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This site is a collaborative idea of three royal ladies. An effort to share their culinary knowledge not only revealing few royal house’s recipes but also helping in day to day dilemma of planning a menu hosting a meal or providing a variety due to time constraints, professionals life or caring for other necessities of life. There’s nothing like home cooked food served in the warmth of a sweet home. We at “my kitchen” strive to achieve just this with simple efforts from your kitchen providing a scintillating and quick solutions for a pat on your back.

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Rajmata Kaviteshwari Devi Maihar is a culinary expert and runs her palace as a heritage hotel and home stay and is a director of her company Maihar Heritage Properties n Resorts. Raj Mata Saheb is known for her lip smacking meals that are produced in her kitchen n nobody leaves without relishing at least one.

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Princess Preetika Kumari Jamnia a full time interior architect at Preetika Singh and Assoc. A mother of two and associates with various social groups involving in various socially benefitting activities. Has a keen eye for food and believes that this idea is the need of the hour and a simplified approach to cooking without making look like a big deal is needed.

Rani Saheb Vigyani Kumari Gangpur is an ardent food lover and an expert when it comes to hosting meals and innovating dishes in a jiffy. She truly believes that a platform should b provided where people in a similar situations can benefit and enhance their culinary skills.

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